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Rekono OnePass

发行商: Rekono d.o.o.
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Rekono OnePass application provides easier and faster access to your Rekono account, it’s management, features and usability.

It is implemented to support the latest development standards, so it includes and utilizes all of the device’s functionalities and sensors (biometric authentication, QR code scanning using device’s camera, push notifications and other security features).

Two-factor PUSH authentication

You can now have much more control over your Rekono account as well as an improved and faster 2-factor authentication mechanism. With the implementation of push notifications, you can sign in to your Rekono accounts with your devices by simply clicking a button, which provides faster, if not even the fastest 2-factor authentication mechanism which is thoroughly secured by your device application’s PIN code or biometric authentication, if the device supports it. Rekono OnePass provides a simple and user-friendly design with a comfortable overview of your Rekono account information, OTP codes and settings, which you can freely adapt to your likes and needs.


One-time passwords (OTPs) are now more clearly displayed on the main application screen when you log in to your Rekono account. By default, Rekono OTP code is automatically enrolled the moment you log in to the application and register your device, so OTP code cannot be deleted or erased. OTPs can now be added manually or automatically when scanning QR code with the QR code camera application scanner. This provides a simpler and faster way of adding OTP codes to the Rekono OnePass application. Manually adding OTPs is still supported in the application, when you must add OTP’s issuer shared secret and name with which OTP will be presented on the main screen.

Due to various user’s likes and needs, you have the possibility to modify the application settings, themes, languages and security provisions to your own taste.

Bank card enrollment using PIN/PAN

You will now be able to enroll your bank provider for online transactions in the application by using your bank card credentials. The intuitive process of adding the bank is short and consists of simple understandable steps.

3-D Secure PUSH notifications

With Rekono OnePass, you can now confirm online payments within the application, in quick and easy steps. To begin with, you make an online payment at a specific internet provider or merchant. After successfully executing the transaction, you then receive push notification to your device, which you click and navigate to the confirmation screen in the app.
You then authenticate yourself with biometrics or a PIN code that you have set up in your application. A few moments later the transaction screen is displayed with all the information about the transaction. By confirming/rejecting the transaction, the 3-D Secure transaction process is completed.

Local document signing and signing documents by using Push notifications

One of the most prominent features in 2.0.0 release is the document signing.
You can now digitally sign local documents right from the device's file system by simply selecting a file or a document from your device's storage and loading it in the app. With a click of a button the document will be securely signed by using Rekono Sign services on our secure servers. By means of PUSH notifications, you will be able to digitally sign documents on-the-fly when a service provider or a customer submits a document to the Rekono.Sign services. A few moments later you will receive a push notification informing you that there are documents waiting to be signed. After interacting with the notification, you will receive a detailed preview of the submitted documents, so you can decide to sign or reject the selected documents. After successful signing, the documents can be downloaded to your device or you can share them across other platforms or applications.


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