Repeat CheckList - A custom can be learned!

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Repeat CheckList can learn a custom by registering the work done repeatedly.
A required item is registered and a check is put in.
What put in the check can remove a check collectively.
The registered item can be used repeatedly.

Adding a list, modify, delete, and move.
Adding items, change, delete, and move.
You can uncheck anything checked at once.
Shows separate things unchecked and checked.
You can export.

For example, it is important to create an inventory list of the morning when going out, going with what one has here, there is no check is left behind with all of you.

New features in version 1.6
Support iOS8

New features in version 1.5
Support iOS7

New features in version 1.4
・The height of a cell is adjusted so that a long character string can be displayed.

New features in version 1.3
Support iPhone5, iPod touch(5G)
Exempt support iOS4.2

New features in version 1.2
Lists and items can be added continuously
When clear, the confirmation screen

New features in version 1.1.1
Bug fix. Do not start.

New features in version 1.1
Shows separate things unchecked and checked.
You can export.

New features in version 1.0
The first version.

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