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The Repeat Fitness app will help take your fitness to a new level. This is the first gym app to offer a truly personalised experience that is designed to work in and out of the club - you'll see personal content recommendations for workouts, individual exercises and hundreds On Demand classes that you can do from home.

Other great features included:
** Access club via smart QR code system **
** Cashless payments - simply unlock vending machines directly from the app **
** Book class spots directly from the app **
** Personalised dashboard with content recommendations and class reminders **
** Personalised workouts, built around your preferences and goals **
** Workout perform mode, to guide you through each workout, step by step with exercise videos **
** Full exercise library with over 350 exercises and advanced search functions **
** Scan QR codes in the club to find exercises for every piece of equipment **
** Advanced metric tracking; including gym visits, calorie burn and even exercise specific metrics **

Note: Provided you give permission, the app will use HealthKit data to calculate your personal calorie burn using your height, weight, date of birth and gender (biological sex). It will also retrieve your step count so you can see how active you've been.

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