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Rest Poker

发行商: RestPlay
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With many game modes, you can play without getting bored and collect lots of bonuses and continue the game without interruption. You can invite your friends to collect more bonuses and invite them to the same table with your invited friends. The tools show the possibility of winning the cards in hand. So you can determine your strategy in the game. With the Hand Meter you can see the odds of winning the hand, increase your stakes and win more chips. The Possible Hand indicator helps you see possible hands.

Rest Poker Features;
Game Modes
Battle Royal
You can increase your chances of making Royal Flush by using only 10’s or above from a 52-card deck.
Fold Jump
The game starts when 5 people joins. If you don't like the cards dealt, you can switch to another table with the same features by pressing the Fold Jump button without waiting for the turn to wake up.
Rest To Rest
In this game mode Flop cards can be Fold or Rest after opening. Before the flop cards, no one can raise the bet, join the game or withdraw from the game.
In Turbo mode, the turnaround time given to the player is reduced by half, the player in turn must play fast, with more experience at this table, allowing other players to play faster.
Starting with a welcome bonus of $ 1,000,000, you can collect an hourly, daily, weekly, Friend, Video, Wheel Spin, Level Bonus and Reference bonus of $ 1,000,000 daily.

You can invite friends and invite them to the same table, you can play games. You can go to the table of your online friends and play together.
You can chat with friends at the table and meet new friends by sending a friend request. You can instant messaging using preset messages.
You can see profiles of other players, see game statistics, and invite them to play together.
In-game purchases
You can buy more chips and increase your vip points so that you can earn more bonus chips for future purchases.


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