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• Instantly create a beautiful, professional resumes •

Resume Apex Pro is a beautiful and professional tool to help you create effective resumes within minutes. You can design eye catching resumes for all of your potential employers. With a few taps your perfect resume is ready on the go! Simply fill in your information and Resume Apex produce a clean, correctly formatted PDF resume you can email directly, post online or print out.

Resume Apex Pro provides you variety of clean, tried-and-tested job resume templates. A good template can really help you streamline your resume and keep it organized and professional without taking up a lot of your time, allowing you to focus on the actual resume content, as well as the job search. You can create and export unlimited numbers of different resumes tailored to every kind of career. You can quick preview you resume at any point on your mobile device and apply any template to the preview.

==== APP FEATURES ====
• Create, share, print CV using multiple style options
• Creates cross-platform compatible PDF resumes
• Duplicate and edit your resumes for different job applications
• LinkedIn data import from your account for saving time
• Rearrange and rename sections to suit your needs
• Add your personal photo on your pocket resume
• Convert to PDF, HTML, JPG (For online job applications) and RTF (To edit on your desktop) in seconds
• Create a specific cover letter for each company, properly addressed
• Print any of your resumes with AirPrint enabled printers
• Upload your resumes on Dropbox
• Live previews on the iPad
• Free Resume Tips for how to write good resume with the app
• Supports iCloud backup & restore
• Support Wifi backup & restore
• Support Dropbox backup & restore
• Supports migrate data to pro version
... and more!

Save tons of time by using Resume Apex Pro!

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