Retro Football Boss 1888-1998

发行商: 1888 Games Limited
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Right the wrongs of the past in this complete simulation of English football history. Includes every season from 1888 to 1998, every club from Darwen to New Brighton Tower, all four divisions, every competition from the FA Cup to the Watney Cup, and every player to play a game in the football league, plus many that didn’t!

Relive your club’s greatest moments – and airbrush the worst ones from history.

The options are endless. Keep Preston, Leeds, Forest or Derby at the top of the tree. Bring long-defunct clubs such as Loughborough or Thames Association into the modern era. Sign Ian Rush and Kenny Dalglish…for Everton! Discover Maradona as a teenager and bring him to Luton. Bask in the days when you could get change from £20 when buying a player and didn’t have to be Ossie Ardiles to play five up front.

Also, try the new experimental ‘Fantasy Mode’ which brings together each club’s greats from across history to create squads full of legends. How would Stanley Matthews and Stan Mortensen fare against Stuart Pearce and Des Walker? Now you can find out….

The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play in those spare moments on the bus or train, but detailed enough to keep you entertained for hours, plus the auto-save facility means you’ll never lose progress. With a look and feel taking inspiration from the classic CM games of 93-94, 97-98 and 01-02, you’ll feel right at home as you use your imagination to bring the detailed commentary to life and await that glorious flashing text…


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