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Revive VR Premium is a virtual reality application by VR Revival. We provide socially uplifting and beautiful immersive content that dementia patients and their care givers can engage and interact with. There are several rooms including:

- The Education Room: learn about the disease
- The Art Room: view African Art
- The Garden Room: view different outside gardens
- Underwater Experience
- Caribbean Beaches
- Select African Scenes
- Select Historical UK Scenes


- By downloading the app, you can help us provide a version for free to dementia patients in low and middle income countries, where there is still a lot of stigma associated with with mental illness and diseases like dementia

- Access to a simple beautiful VR experience; we use gaze based technology which is intuitive to follow

- There is a new case of dementia every 3 seconds according to Alzheimer’s Report. Use our Education Room to learn more about the disease and help raise awareness of dementia

- Our Technology is a beautiful way for the young to engage with the ageing to help reduce the digital divide with newer technologies

- It can still be used without a headset in a less immersive way with our Gyro or Touch technology for older patients

- Very unique and special is that once the initial download is complete using Wi-Fi, the app can be available offline so there is no need for internet which is great for the ageing who do not have access to internet or those in parts of the world with slow or unreliable internet access. This means you can gain access to high quality immersive a 360-degree scenes, anytime and anywhere in the world!

Note: This is not a medical device. This is an educational and entertainment app where the dementia patient and caregiver can experience beautiful moments together in our immersive world. We recommend you use Wi-Fi Network for the initial download and ensure there is enough memory space on your device before downloading to allow for offline capabilities.

You can get the Google Cardboard headset from our website too ( We’d love your feedback, get the app today!

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