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RioMio - My Animated City

发行商: Elevision GmbH
价格: 1.99 USD


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The animated city on the river, for children ages 2 and up

With this enchanting app, children discover active life in RioMio, the city on the river. The large image with its three sections is teeming with numerous lovingly produced city scenes, people and objects, which are brought to life when touched.

The app contains 55 professionally illustrated and animated scenes with over 200 individual animations. These show various activities and events within the urban world and teach children how things are interconnected. Every one of the little cartoons is individually set to sound. 
The scenes also include subterranean systems such as an underground station, a wastewater treatment plant and the underwater world of the river. This makes the discovery particularly interesting for children.
In each section the user can zoom into an enlarged detail, that shows the interior of a shop, a nursery and a cruise ship, as if peeking inside a doll's house.When touched, the characters come to life and perform funny actions and noises.

Teeming with fun!

This app develops young children's observation skills and teaches logical comprehension of interconnections. 
Its intuitive operation makes the app suitable for children from 2 years.

*** optimized for retina displays and iPhone 5 ***

55 animated scenes that interest children: 

- House fire and fire brigade
- Bank robbery and police operation
- Accident and ambulance
- Soccer match
- Construction site, diggers, lorries 
- Dock workers, crane, fork lift trucks 
- Wastewater treatment plant, underground, bus, cyclist, helicopter
- Inflatable boat, police boat, drowning person
- Anglers, divers, swimmers, sailing boats

- Inside a shop
- Inside a nursery
- Inside a ship


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