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Riva Fashion shopping online is the best leading fashion brand that caters to the Middle East Market including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar. Riva Fashion is a preferred women and kids fashion clothing brand since 1997. Riva Fashion offers the latest fashionable women dresses in 2019 and is a major fashion reference in the Middle East during peak seasons including Ramadan.

Enjoy hassle-free shopping for the latest fashion trends for women and kids clothing. Watch out for our trendy collections and select from a vast range of clothing for Women and Kids Online. Riva Fashion is the winner of World Brand Awards for 2016, 2017, 2018.

Why Download our Riva Fashion Shopping App?

• Browse the latest fashion trends and shop your favorite look. Check New Arrivals in 2019, Sales Offers, Accessories too

• Scan items in the store - find more sizes available online

• Add items to your wish list - Full control of your shopping at Riva App with order history & parcel tracking

• Get email alerts once stock available for any out-of-stock sku’s

• Choose your preferred payment option: Cash on delivery, Credit card or Knet and more options available.

• Find Physical stores close to you - Share your favorites on social media and with friends

Download Riva Fashion Shopping App and start shopping right now. Please leave a review if you love this app!

Check out Riva Fashion Shopping in your country:

https://www.rivafashion.com/kuwait/ - Kuwait
https://www.rivafashion.com/ksa/ - KSA
https://www.rivafashion.com/uae/ - UAE
https://www.rivafashion.com/qatar/ - Qatar
https://www.rivafashion.com/bahrain/ - Bahrain
https://www.rivafashion.com/ - Global

Follow us on: Instagram @rivafashionme
Facebook @fb.com/rivafashionofficial

Check us on Wikipedia : https://bit.ly/2HvIBgX

We always love to hear your feedback! Drop us a line at customerservice@rivafashion.com to share your thoughts and ideas.

We would always want to make our customer’s shopping experience easier and enjoyable and hence, as part of the process would continue to make periodic updates. e always love to hear your feedback! Drop us a line at customerservice@rivafashion.com to share your thoughts and ideas.

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