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Get ready for a sensational app presented to you by the beautiful and glamorous Riya Sen! 
A hub for all her followers and fans to interact and engage with her on a personal level.

Get access to exclusive footage and unseen content. Get a chance to peek into Riya’s glamourous life and follow her on her adventurous travels. See her like never before as she uploads her latest content, behind the scene videos and a lot more.

Riya Sen who began her career as a model and actor rose to fame with movies like Style & Jhankar Beats. The bong beauty also featured in a number of Bengali films and has been a part of a number of successful web series too.

The Riya Sen Official App has a lot in store for all her fans. From exclusive content to fan of the month contest, where you get exclusive merchandise or a chance to meet the gracious Riya Sen.

That’s not all, you also get a chance to see and interact with Riya as she goes LIVE on her official app. Follow her on her travels and get a sneak peek into her glamorous life like never before. 
Download the Riya Sen Official App now!

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