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Roadgames App

发行商: Draugiem SIA
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Roadgames is a full-fledged scavenger hunt at the tip of your fingers, made for anyone who thrives for new experiences outside of the beaten paths. Get the app and join any of the ongoing games!

Join the ever-growing community of people who just love to go on an adventure and spend quality time exploring new places in a time, when most of us are stuck at home. With Roadgames you can unlock the hidden world of amazing spots and destinations all around the world. Whether this is your first scavenger hunt or the hundredth, the app will be your ultimate toolbox in rediscovering the world and your friends. The game does not limit you to road games, home games, car games, running games, orienteering games, trivia games - every single person will be able to find something for their liking, that’s why we encourage you to build a team and play on each other's strengths.

The game consists of location tasks, where you need to find answers to questions in a certain virtual location in the map. We also have photo and video challenges that will make you think outside of the box and provide quirky photos and videos to reflect on for the years to come.

Roadgames is the ultimate team building game, guaranteeing fun and everlasting memories.

Core features:
• Intuitive gameplay and UI
• Location-based challenges that can be played indoors
• Photo/Video challenges
• In-game chat
• Leaderboards
• Private games with codes
• Hours and hours of fun during and after the game guaranteed


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