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iRoku App enhances Roku viewing experience though its unique features. iRoku Remote Control mobile app makes it super easy and fun to control your Roku TV & Roku Players. The Roku TV Remote Control app can control multiple Roku’s easily.
No setup required, just launch app on WiFi & you are ready to control all your Roku's from mobile app. App also includes Remote Widget, so you can control TV from iphone/ipad home screen itself and saves your valuable time. A

Download & launch Roku Remote mobile app to
• Controls your Roku device as another remote
• Scans & Pairs multiple Roku devices in your WiFi network. Easy to change Roku Device.
• Easy Navigation menu control buttons
• Power OFF/ON of Roku TV (please enable feature in your TV)
• Widget Support, you can control Roku even from lock screen, home screen widgets even without launching app.
• Access All tuned TV Antenna Channels in One click.
• Remembers last connected Roku & reconnects automatically next time.
• Watch channels on your Roku device and switch channels easily.
• Controls volume of your Roku TV(Not available in Roku Stick Players)
• All player functions like play, pause, fast forward & rewind available.
• Add your 8 Favorite channels for each Roku TV/device & quickly access them in remote screen.
• Auto volume up/down by long pressing volume buttons. No need to tap, tap, tap to control volume.
• Search on Roku using keyboard and with a swipe-tap gestures.
•Its a Universal Roku app available for iphone, ipad & iPod touch.

Its not the end, many more features are to come. Keep using and it is the best iOS Roku Remote available, download, use & enhance watching Roku TV experience.

iRoku app is Designed, Developed & Tested in USA with multiple Roku devices and available to download worldwide.
Contact to get any help related to this app usage.

iRoku app is not official product of Roku Inc.

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