Romance in Paris: Girl city game

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Bonjour my friend! Do you have what it takes to be in the spotlight and become most admired at the heart of the fashion capital? Visit popular landmarks, buy glamourous clothes, date Guys, and compete to be a Supermodel!

Become the most popular & fashionable supermodel in Romance in Paris. Dazzle your way up to be the talk of your very own Girl Town, the #1 town/city Girl game exclusively launched on iOS!

• SHOP for Chic, Sexy & Lavish fashion!
• FLIRT at trendy bars & clubs and party all-night!
• DATE gorgeous Guys and develop intimate relationships!
• CHAT with Guys at Popular Attractions!
• WORK at Fashion, Music, Acting & more industries!
• STYLIZE your Hair, Makeup and be a Super Model!

Build your Closet with over 500 clothing and accessories. Build your 'Appeal' to explore trendy, hip, 'Exclusive' bars, boutiques, attractions, salons, pet houses and more! Give yourself a dazzling makeover, grab a drink and strike flirting conversations with guys.

• Fully integrated map controls!
• Advanced Graphics, Support for all iOS devices!
• Only on iOS!

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