Route 66 Scavenger Hunt

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This app details the path of Route 66. In its glory days, Historic Route 66 was a symbol of freedom and opportunity to travelers across the nation. From Illinois to Arizona, history lovers have preserved many of the attractions so unique to the "Mother Road." Experience them for yourself and relive the glory days of one of America’s most historic byways by visiting these restored quirky restaurants, gas stations, motels and other sites along Historic Route 66. Without so many others who have rediscovered Route 66, these places may not have survived to enthrall travelers today.

Turn back the clock and discover these gems on Historic Route 66.

This app. provides:
- 500+ Route 66 destinations to discover
- GPS locator assistance / automatic "check in"
- Links to learn more
- Sharing: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email, etc.

"Retracing Route 66 is an exciting adventure. Without this app. I would have been lost... many times."

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