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Targeted toward the ever expanding, multicultural English-speaking community in Luxembourg, RTL Today is THE hub for local and international news, business topics, science stories, sport headlines, culture and lifestyle.

Daily newscast video

Up to the minute headlines, breaking stories, regular updates: Discover our daily newscast video with THE crucial stories from Luxembourg and beyond, all wrapped up into a five-minute bubble that you can watch on the go.

A diverse collection of informative and entertaining sections

RTL Today also offers original content, that you just won’t find anywhere else, such as:
- "RTL Introduces... " and "Vox Pops": we get to the heart of matters, canvassing opinion on current topics, video profiling movers, shakers, taste makers, leaders . . . those with a story to tell, and getting the 'word on the street'.
- "Luxembourg insider", "What to try at" & "Knowledge Bites": these sections keep you ahead of the curve. Subtle and not so subtle tips & tricks on life and living in the 'Burg.
- Our "Opinion" section is dedicated to views and opinions on what is going on around us—no topic too big, no subject too small. Opinion pieces are designed to bring out debate and discussion, you may not agree with us, but we will tell it like it is.
- "The Luxembourg Wurst"—the premier Luxembourg satire site is an exclusive partner. Get your weekly burst of the wurst only with us.

The RTL Today app also proposes different types of push notifications to keep you up-to-date.

RTL Today - Your news, every day.

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