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Rudiment Pro teaches the 40 Essential International Drum Rudiments allowing you to hear the correct performance of the rudiment, learn the notation for each, perform the rudiment on a drum, practice pad or table top and to receive a rating on the accuracy of your performance.

In playback mode, you may select the rudiment and tempo and listen to the proper rudiment sound, while the animated notation view indicates how each stroke is to be played.

In performance mode, you may perform and record any rudiment with drum sticks on a snare drum, practice pad, table top etc. at a tempo of your choice. Rudiments Pro rates your performance in real time and lets you make adjustments accordingly.

You may also record, playback as well as save or share the recording of your performance by email.

Recommended Devices
This app uses an advanced beat detection algorithm which is CPU intensive. It's highly recommended that an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 or later devices be used.

Because the iPad 2 has a non-retina display, to display properly the app should be run in 2x mode.

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