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Track your runs directly from your phone. Receive detailed information on the surrounding areas and their conditions. Keep track of your health and hydration at any moment of your program, and turn yourself into a more athletic person with the professional tools we bring directly to the palm of your hand.

• Track your run and record your running routines with an accurate map to check your surrounding areas.
• Feel motivated to reach your goals by creating them by your own. Customize its name, distance, and include motivational notes to never give up.
• Check all the information that matters for you when running. Check the duration of your routine, the miles you have run, and the speed you reached.
• Verify the calories you have burned.
• Get extra information related to the weather in your area. Take a look at the temperature, humidity, and wind speed, and decide the best moment for you to exercise.
• Receive a complex and detailed report of your past routines, and see on your own how you are improving.
• Don’t worry about hydration. Set the amount of water you will need, and let us remind you to keep hydrated without interrupting your routine.
• Create a completely customizable profile. Save your tours and goals to repeat them whenever you want.
• Check the list of accomplished goals, and see your progress in fitness.
• Listen to your favorite music without leaving the app. Play the songs that motivate you right from the home screen.
• Show your friends the athletic person you have become by sharing the reports of your routines with a single tap.

No matter if you are really into the fitness, or you are trying to start exercising, these professionally based gadgets will make your routines much better.

**Heallth-Kit Permission:
The app has integration with Apple Health and we use HealthKit to write data of your daily water intake.

Download the app, find out, set goals for yourself and keep moving!


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