Runner Boy: 在运行

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Prepare for fun that never ends in this endless running game!

Collect absolutely wacky power ups - catch the coins with magnets and fly using a jetpack!

Metro Running Fun is the best 3D running game you'll find in 2017!

Test your reflexes as you perform epic vaults over trains, rush forward and beat all of the high scores in this fun run game.

Become the endless runner in the one of the top running games in 2017 for girls & boys! See how much gold you'll be able to collect on your running spree!

Take a trip down the railroad park and see how far it goes. Reach extreme speeds as you ignore danger in your run for the high scores!

In running games like this one it is extremely important to have easy to learn, but hard to master controls. These arcade mechanics in endless games lead to very enjoyable gameplay experience. Download and get ready to move your feet!

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