Checkers Online

发行商: Alexey Emelyanov
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Checkers - this is a great way to develop intelligence, but unlike long chess, for a game of checkers enough and a few free minutes!

In addition to the actual boards and checkers in the game there are:
- Game mode online, with a computer or two
- Russian, Brazilian and English rules
- Ability to put your photo on the avatar and see the photo of someone you play with
- Built-in game chat
- Detailed profile of the player and the opponent - avatar, flag, statistics, success, date of the first game, OS, etc.
- Global leaderboards including ELO and points for different game rules
- Highlighting fields to help the player
- Cancel moves to the very beginning

P.S. Online game can be minimized, for example, to answer a call or SMS - it doesn’t stop

You can make moves in any of the following ways:
- Select a shape and select the field where to go.
- Move the shape from the initial to the final position
- Lightly push the shape towards the end position

A tip for you is a minute, for us it is a whole week of joy, dancing, fun :)

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