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Sabadell Wallet

发行商: Banco de Sabadell, S.A.
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Today is the day when you most need your wallet and you go and leave it at home. You have to buy several things and pay for that lunch you promised. Luckily, you did not leave your mobile and –if you have Sabadell Wallet,if you have Sabadell Wallet, the application that enables you to pay using your mobile– you can go ahead with your plans share expenses with your contacts ... and much more!
Download it now! It only takes a moment. And besides ... it's FREE!

1. Use your mobile to pay
Discover the convenience of paying using your Mobile, without using your physical cards and without even opening the app! Add your cards to Apple Pay and consult the purchases you have made with Sabadell Wallet

2. Share expenses with Bizum
Going Dutch on a dinner, asking for a contribution for a gift or making a kitty for a trip are things we all do from time to time. You can easily manage them using Sabadell Wallet. Share the expense and split it among the contacts that you choose. Moreover,With Bizum you can send and request money from the contacts on your smartphone or any mobile number. You can also:
• Send and receive to and from your contacts or a mobile number as often as you like.
• Check what you have and received.
• Accept or reject pending requests.

3. The app for your cards
Manage all your cards from the application. Whenever you want and from wherever you want!
· Turn your cards off and on whenever you want.
• Check how much you have spent on your cards and all the payments you have made.
• Do you need to extend your credit limit? Request it from the app.
• Send money to whomever you want so they can withdraw it at an ATM
• Personalize the uses of your cards and, for example, limit your purchases on the internet or abroad.
• Have you lost your card or had it stolen? Block it directly from Sabadell Wallet.
• This month you have a lot of expenses and you want to split a purchase (for amounts of € 100 or more). You can split purchases on the list of your card movements for more peace of mind at the end of the month.

4. Identify yourself with Touch ID or Face ID
You can access the app using Touch ID or Face ID, without having to enter your password.

5. Withdraw money from the ATM without a card!
This service is called Instant Money and you or the person whom you choose can use it to withdraw cash from Banco Sabadell ATMs by entering a key that will arrive at the phone number you have indicated by SMS.

6. Have you lost or forgotten your password?
Don’t worry. Recover it from the application. Without going to your branch and in just a few minutes!

7. Do you like Sabadell Wallet?
If you have found our app useful and easy to use, rate it in "My profile"; it only takes a few seconds. This way you help us improve!

Do you have any questions about how to use Sabadell Wallet? Don’t worry. We can help you at @Sabadell_Help


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