Satellite Tracker Plus3

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Satellite Tracker Plus lets you select some of the satellites that encircle the Earth and find the times when they will be passing overhead. You can plot the track of the satellite as it passes overhead for the next or any pass over the next few days. Radio Hams and weather satellite enthusiasts can add frequency information about a satellite.

There is a graphical display of the ground track of a satellite and displays of the 'footprint' of the Earth's surface that can be seen from the satellite now or some time into the future. Also available is a 'timeline' display showing the passes of all selected satellites over the next few hours.

The iPhone version is intended for portable use - Radio Hams can use it to assist in pointing a hand-held antenna at the satellite as it passes overhead. The iPad version is more intended general use and the bigger display area (especially in landscape mode) makes it easier to see. Both version have the same capabilities.

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