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Save Vincent:Survival Diary

发行商: Kaiser(China) Holdings HK Limited
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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It is a tricky and funny puzzle game. Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain teaser tests in order to save Vincent from fierce animal, pirate and many survival problems! Each level will present you with a poser that you will have to solve it with your logic and intelligence. Play the most addicting and satisfying game. Feel the gratification of solving funny and tricky problems. Use your smart brain and let Vincent gets rid of the dangers.

Game Features:
1. Combine Logic and Hashtag topics!
Each level presents you a difficult survival problem - Logic and hashtag topics will help you puzzle out the level.
2. So many levels to play
Each level is unique. So many common sense and physical problems need you to think twice.
3. Enjoy the game with your family and friends
Everybody can play Save Vincent. If you get stumped - ask for help from your friends and family! Let's solve and help Vincent from these difficult problems.
4. Simple and Addicting Gameplay
Once you start you will want to keep solving the upcoming puzzles. The easy game control and interesting story plot will attract you to continue the game.


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