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Sberbank Online Kazakhstan

发行商: SBSberbankJSC
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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- Download a mobile application and examine functionality in a demo version!
- Hold control over balance and movement of funds on all your cards and accounts, including deposits, loans and metal accounts.
- Request money transfer from friends and relatives in a couple of clicks
- Collective fund raising – the first Kazakhstan crowdgifting service!
- Cash withdrawal from ATM without a card!
- Pay for services of more than 800 suppliers (housing and public utilities, mobile and local communication, the Internet and TV) without fee.
- Transfer money to millions of cardholders worldwide, knowing only number of the card of recipient. And you can transfer to clients of Sberbank in Kazakhstan, knowing only the number of mobile phone!
- Does someone want to make a transfer to you? Send details of your card to remitter to e-mail or by SMS. Quickly and conveniently!
- Open and replenish deposit from mobile phone without visiting the bank’s outlet branch!
- Connect to Automatic payment according to threshold and schedule to more than 60 providers of housing and public utilities and mobile communication.
- Create templates of transfers and payments and perform operations without confirmation.
- Make payments and transfers directly from history of operations!
- Look through exchange rates at any time.
- Instantly block any card.
- Be aware of all events of Sberbank Online through a news feed.

SMS Banking service is necessary for use of a mobile application.
It is possible to connect to SMS banking in on any ATM / payment terminal of Sberbank.

Every day we work on improvement of the application. If you want to submit a review of work of a mobile application or you have an interesting idea, please write us on If you have any questions, write on


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