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Tiny iScanner-Document EditPRO

发行商: Abdulla Yasin
价格: 449.99 USD 支持应用内购买


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Scan and share documents and photos with Dream iScanner, one of the best mobile scanner app with a lot of powerful editing features that you can’t find elsewhere. Scan any document, business cards, receipts, notes, faxes, books, photos, pictures at lightning-fast speed. Save and share scanned documents in PDF or JPEF formats, or edit them first with our built-in document editor and photo editor.

One of our best features is the e-sign feature. You can add your e-signature to the electronic documents easily with just a few taps of your fingers. Dream iScanner also doesn’t require an internet connection to work, except when you want to share the files with other users.


1. Advanced Document Scanner:
- Works Offline, no connection is needed unless you want to share docs.

- Ultra-fast, high quality document scanner for everyone

- Scan and save documents in grayscale, black and white, or color.

- Save in high quality PDF or JPEG.

- Automatic shutter and border detection for any scannable object.

- Professional document processing features: enhancement, color correction, noise removing, automatic perspective corrections and more!

- Add Premium Logo of your Organizations to mark your documents.

2. Document Editing Tools:

- E-sign your documents with your signature.

- Change fonts, colors, sizes, and styles.

- Change the thickness and color of the pen when you add an autograph.

- Add different frames & backgrounds to your photos or documents.

3. Document Save and Sharing Tools:

-Save scans to Photos.

- Share files via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc

-Share files via Email

4. Photo Editing Tools:

- Photo adjustment for better result

- Add Time Stamps

- Add or Blur Background

- Alpha Channel Effect

- Create collages with your scanned photos

-Rotate images and documents.

Your scanned documents and photos are saved in your device unless you share them. We don’t have access to your documents. That’s why you can feel safe about your data and privacy.

So, you see that Dream iScanner has functions beyond other similar apps that only offer the most basic scanning functions. With Dream iScanner, you don’t have to download multiple apps to get these tools. You will also be amazed with the quality of the scanned documents. That’s why we are confident that Dream iScanner is a leading document scanner for iOS Device. Try it out now and be confident that you can use your mobile phone as a powerful office scanner through Dream iScanner.


Most of the features of our app is FREE, even the advanced features such as document and photo editing tools. There are some optional in-app purchases to unlock features for professional uses: Pro Fonts, Pro Patents, Logos, Copyright, and Copyright from Premium work. These additional options are very affordable, especially considering that you are going to use them to polish your documents. You can check them out in the app.

We love to hear from you! Do you want any features that you think will improve Dream iScanner? Do you encounter any issue when using our app? Write to us! We try to solve the issue as fast as we can.

If you love using Dream iScanner, please take a minute to leave us a rating and review.


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