Scary Hospital Escape -Horror

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Are you ready to escape from scary nightmarish situation in this top free 3D horror game? Survive attacks of mad evil scientist in this free to play top horror survival story game.

You wake up in a scary hospital corridor having no memory of how you got there.
Soon you will find dread and horror are nested in this old scary haunted horror scary hospital building.

You feel trembling fear and terror pesters you on every step in this scary horror game.
Death is only a step away from you in the form of a mad scientist who got infected by the virus.
In a haunted scary spooky hospital which contains paranormally evil scientist, it is very difficult to survive if you do not make your nerves hard as steel in this top free to play survival horror game.
You can't determine which path will lead to your freedom and which path is a dead end in this free scary game.

Extraordinary atmosphere, nervous scenario and blood-curdling scary screams, complete with creepy characters, you are ahead of a typical comic book horror game.
It has become life or death situation, so what are you waiting for? Pick up the pace and escape for your life.

- Amazing spooky hospital graphics
- Detailed areas and scary hospital paths
- Unique creepy background music
- Horror sound effects
- Easy controls and character movement
- Completely free to Download, Play and Enjoy!

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