Sea of Bandits

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Sea of ​​bandits, Pirates conquer the caribbean is a free pirate action game. Located in the Caribbean.
Shoot cannons, earn money, fight with pirate thieves and buccaneers.

A survival game where you will find even a kraken.

Perspective in third or first person.

Shoot cannons, navigate, fight with pirate thieves.
Get the treasure maps to make you with great wealth and share the game on Facebook.

A player travels and explores an open world through a pirate ship and assumes different roles, such as orientation, anchors, navigation and cannon firing.

The player embarks on missions and collects booties.

The game has an artistic comic style, an exaggerated physics engine that allows players to perform stunts, jumps or blows with a giant club.

The player can collect coins by completing missions, taking the loot of other ships or exploring islands defended by skeletons, golems or soldiers, which contain large amounts of gold. Gold can be used to buy things.

Two weapons can be found by the player at the beginning of the game, the rest can be purchased with the gold he gets.

Useful weapons are a sword, a sparking gun and a sniper rifle, a giant greatsword and a huge mallet.
You can carry several weapons at once.

Piracy is a practice of organized looting or maritime banditry, probably as old as navigation itself.

It consists of a private or mutinous state vessel attacking another in international waters or in places not subject to the jurisdiction of any State, with the purpose of stealing their cargo, demanding rescue by passengers, converting them into slaves and often seizing The ship itself. Its definition according to International Law can be found in article 101 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Along with the activity of pirates who stole on their own for their profit motive, it is worth mentioning the privateers, sailors hired by the State through a Corsican patent to attack and loot the ships of an enemy country.

The distinction between pirate and privateer is necessarily partial, since privateers such as Francis Drake or the French fleet in the Battle of Terceira Island were considered vulgar pirates by the Spanish authorities, since there was no declared war with their nations. However, having a Corsican patent did offer certain guarantees of being treated as a soldier of another army, and at the same time entailed certain obligations.

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