Sea Tentacles

发行商: Mauro Colombo
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价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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A team of divers has discovered the sinking point of an old galleon full of gold chests.
Your task will be to guide the divers to the recovery of the gold and to bring it back to the surface, but be careful ... to guard the immense treasure there is a huge octopus that will try in every way to grab you and crush you!
Try to avoid his powerful tentacles, retrieve the treasure and go back to the surface to download it into your boat.
Relive the excitement of this great 1981 Classic on your smartphone and challenge your friends to beat your records!
Try the incredible experience of diving into the 80s with the exciting hand-held LCD game consoles.
Graphics, sounds, visual effects are faithfully reproduced and designed to make you totally immerse in the game.
Try the simple game A and the most difficult game B.
Collect all 'Back to the 80's - The Games' games!

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