Seasonal Palette Color Code

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The first digital representation of the personal color analysis palettes.
Chose your favorite method from International Seasonal with 4 palettes and 200 different colors or the Seasonal Expanded with 800 different colors for your personal analysis.
If you do not know what is you true palette ask for a Image Consultant to do your colors test, pick one in your city seeing at
Allows to daily compare your personal colors in any material. Finding the wish color in fabrics or paint for perfect harmony with your skin.
The chosen colors were select by a digital scale from the pigment colors.
Developed to you by

- Develop a true parameter for comparison of your personal colors in any material
- Allow you to select the method from International Seasonal with 4 palettes and 200 different colors to Seasonal Expanded with 12 palettes and 800 different colors
- Easy to transport and intuitive use
- Allow light correction in the inclination of the equipment
- Do not depend on internet
- Allow changing colors to chose for another person colors
- Have digital color correction

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