Keep Photos Secret

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Secure your personal photos and videos with Keep Photos Secret.

Keep Photos Secret is an ultimate app where you can keep your personal photos and videos under lock and key. Some of the great functionalities of this app are:

• Separate lock for each album
• Sharing locked photos from within the app
• In-built browser and image downloader
• Clicking photos and shooting videos from within the app to secure them instantly

Besides, Keep Photos Secret ensures none of your locked personal photos are accessed by anyone except you. To secure photos and videos you can set 6-digit pin, use facial recognition. Both methods are quite advanced and ensure data safety.
Not only this, with a secure vault offered by Keep Photos Secret you can control the privacy of your secret photos and videos guarded by a pin, facial recognition, etc.

Keep Photos Secret allows creating multiple albums to secure photos and keep them organized. The app offers various options to lock photos, videos to prevent family and friends from accessing private data when using the device.
In short, it is a great gateway to secure your photos and videos.

Keep Photos Secret Features:

Different lock options - 6-digit PIN and Facial recognition to lockout everyone except you.

Safe Send - Share personal videos photos securely from within the app.

Inbuilt Browser - Browse privately using the built-in browser to browse and download favorite photos.

Password Recovery - If you forget the PIN no need to worry, we will send the passcode to a registered email address.

Import From Gallery - You can import photos or videos from the gallery and secure them in PIN-protected vault.

The app asks to delete photos imported from the gallery so that they are not available anywhere besides the vault.

View Videos - Watch locked videos within the app.

Save Photos Directly - Download from the browser or click photos from within the app.

Disclaimer: Locked Photos and Videos in the app are stored on your device and cannot be accessed by anyone but you. Your data is kept 100% private and is never uploaded to our servers by any means.

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