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SentryView: For Tesla Cars

发行商: MaaDoTaa
价格: 7.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This app works with any storage device (SSD, SD card, etc) which can be connected to iPhone/iPad and is compatible with iOS 13. to test compatibility, plug in your device (using an adapter) and make sure that its contents will show up in the Files app.

*** Exclusive: This app works with all versions of iXpand USB drives without requiring any adapter (in addition to other storage devices) ***

*** Exclusive: the app allows you to export all four videos (left, right, center, rear) in a single video file.

*** Exclusive: the app shows the location of the sentry event (It requires clips that were recorded after installation 2020.12.5)

*** The app includes an AI-based algorithm which scans the Sentry Clips folder and marks events that are triggered by human movement in the scene (requires a one-time in-app purchase)

This app allows you to view Sentry videos and DashCam videos generated by your Tesla on your iOS device without needing a computer.

- Fully supports v10 features (SentryClips folder and rear camera footage)
- The left, right, center and rear videos are automatically shown next to each other.
- All clips are organized by date and time.
- You can see thumbnail of clips as you browse through videos.
- The app allows you to delete left, right, center, rear videos associated with a time that you choose
- You can also delete all the videos in the Saved/Recent folder in one shot and empty up space on the drive.

Your Tesla must be able to record Sentry/DashCam videos.

You can also obtain pre-formatted USB devices that work with this app here:


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