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ServiceAlert Car Repair & Cost

发行商: Shenkor LLC
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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ServiceAlert tracks and reminds you of your car’s maintenance schedules for all your car service items. Keep track of unlimited cars, services and repairs, from the most usual maintenance items like oil change and tire rotation to less remembered and repaired service items of your car like Brake fluid, Drive axel and Oxygen sensor. All that’s needed from you is to enter the last date maintenance was performed and the App takes care of the rest. All the tracking is performed based on manufacturer suggested maintenance interval schedules.

Prolong the life of your car and keep it running like it was when you drove it out of the dealership with minimal work and worrying from you. Keeping the manufacturer scheduled maintenance of your car increases the fuel efficiency and makes your car appealing to prospective buyers when it’s time to sell it.

ServiceAlert makes it easy for scheduled maintenance of critical mileages of your car by suggesting maintenance groupings and an easy way to get the list to your mechanic or anyone.

• Track as many cars as you need
• Track fuel and maintenance cost for all cars
• Generate and export report of expenses
• Automatically get most of your car’s service items populated with manufacturer suggested intervals
• Add your own service items if not found in the App
• Include additional notes for each serview items of your cars
• Personalize with your own picture
• Change manufacturer suggested maintenance intervals if you want to perform maintenances more/less frequently
• Track maintenance intervals in Mileage, Kilometer or month
• Link the app with your calendar and get reminders added in your calendar for the estimated maintenance date of the most urgent part and the next group maintenance schedule
• Reminders and notifications when maintenance is due or overdue
• Track expenses including maintenance and fuel expenses
• Automatically downloads traked items for your car.
• Manually add cars, motorcycles and other vehicles
• Email, print or share in your preferred way for group of maintenance items
• Easy way to update the maintenance date of your car’s service items
• Update maintenance date for multiple items together
• Update your average mileage in a year and get more accurate suggestions
• Select your favorite service items to be displayed upfront
• Get information about what each part in your car does

New features in development:
• Generate reports for service history
• Price for individual part maintenance cost for your zip code
• Update your car’s information directly from your car using an OBD2 dongle
• Backup your data

To request any features or suggestion, you can reach us through the app or emailing us at


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