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Shakespeare Study Bundle

发行商: Trang Hoai
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This bundle contains:

A Shakespearean Grammar,
General Glossary to Shakespeare's Works,
Shakespeare's Roman Plays and their Background,
Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary,
A Shakespeare Glossary.

▪ A Shakespearean Grammar is the finest and fullest guide to the peculiarities of Elizabethan syntax, grammar, and prosody.

It addresses every idiomatic usage found in Shakespeare's works (with additional references to the works of Jonson, Bacon, and others). Its informative introduction, which compares Shakespearian and modern usage, is followed by sections on grammar (classified according to parts of speech) and prosody (focusing on pronunciation).

▪ General Glossary to Shakespeare's Works contains over 6099 words and meaning. It is a comprehensive dictionary of words used in Shakespeare's drama and poetry. Entries include definitions of words, as well as examples of usage from Shakespeare and other Renaissance writers.

▪ Shakespeare's Roman Plays and their Background examines the plays, their relations to each other, and their development from classical and contemporary sources. Shakespeare's Roman Plays include Antony and Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Coriolanus.

▪ Shakespeare Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary is a painstakingly compiled glossary of every word in the Shakespeare corpus and an exhaustive collection of quotations. It has long been a standard reference work.

▪ A Shakespeare Glossary includes brief definitions and examples of usage from Shakespeare, with particular attention to words that are provincial, archaic, unusually connotative, or otherwise obscure for the modern reader.

This bundle is great resource for Shakespeare study.


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