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麻糬球羊: 粉红合辑八合一 多种乐趣一次满足与家族好友同乐

价格: 0.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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排名历史显示麻糬球羊: 粉红合辑八合一 多种乐趣一次满足与家族好友同乐在iOS Store应用商店中的流行度以及其随着时间的变化。您可以追踪麻糬球羊: 粉红合辑八合一 多种乐趣一次满足与家族好友同乐在不同国家、分类和设备上每一天每一小时的表现。









Welcome to Mochi-Sheep’s Land,there are some easy and fun games here for all from your baby to my granny.
challenge your families and friends, have a good time with these tender and delicious looking adorable sheep.

••• More game modes will be available gradually!!

Important notice!!
When you are playing Sheepo Race, be careful not to drop your device while you keeping swipe on screen intensively!!

••• 8 games with 4 themes, 700+ zones in total !!
1."Sheepo Graze” - Lead Mochi-Sheep graze around the pasture, avoid obstacles and other sheep, do as many combo as you can to make higher score!
2."Sheepo Save” - Save the Mochi-Sheep from hungry wolves, test your eye-hand skill to see how many wolves you can knock out!
3."Sheepo Snake” - Enjoy classic snake game with adorable Mochi-Sheep, try make a incredible long sheep snake parade!
4.“Sheepo Hunt” - Play as a hungry wolf, dodge the bomb-sheep, hide in bushes, dash to hunt the sheep down. make combos for hunt down preys rapidly, check your talent of be a hunter!
5.“Sheepo Run” - Swipe upward / downward at right timing, see how far can you lead the lost Mochi-Sheep! Tip: you will need to do double / triple swipe rapidly in some situation!
6.“Sheepo Race - PPBunny the sheep rider’s competitions"
Keep tapping on screen to maintain high riding speed, finish 3 loops as fast as you can. top 4 gain bonus point and try top out all other racers!
Tip: While running in high-speed, your racer is able to knock out others and vice versa.
7.“Sheepo Charge - Jetpack sheep charge to goal”
Gathering grass as jetpack fuel, active jetpack charge to speed up and pass through obstacles, reach goal in time to get score bonus. speed or safety, it’s your call!
Tip: DO NOT charge into hungry wolves! it always happens!
8."Sheepo Punch - Kung-Fu Sheep Mole Whack"
Punch moles hard without mercy, don’t hit PP-Bunnies and Bomb-Sheep
Tip: Don’t be confused by moles' disguise.

•• No pop-up ads, enjoy your game with full visibility (PLUS Version only!)
•• Run your Mochi-Sheep with 2 cheerful BGMs (PLUS Version only!)
• Adorable Mochi-Sheep with vivid animation
• Compete with your families & friends with local leaderboards
• Online leaderboard service support
• Social share support

Rate if you enjoy it to help us develop more contents!

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Twitter: @Marugemon

Have fun!!
Marugemon Team


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