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Shoota Royale: Auto Shooting

发行商: David Nwokoye
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Fight through gorgeous African themed levels filtered with vicious monsters waiting to devour you. They attack very quickly and will show no mercy.

The boss fights are legendary and very challenging. The bosses and their minions are not here to joke. So make sure you gather the right abilities and weapons as you journey on this terrifying quest.

Do not worry, the playable characters are also well equipped:

Queen Sheba is an African Deity, daughter of a river spirit. She can shape shift to blend with enemies. This ability is useful when her health is low and a lot of monsters are onto her. It is so cool!

REALLA is a character with so much drip and style, but his awesomeness does not end there. He is built for speed, strength and can evade attack from enemies if he deems fit.

Blonde Benz is the most balanced aggressive character. She might not have a special power but she is always too angry to die. She will fight till her very last breath.

Explore different beautiful environments. You will fight your battles in the sky, you will destroy enemies in strange "alien-ish" islands and you will kill bosses in water worlds. Don't ask me how you will survive under water.

Get mouth watering rewards when you win battles.
Compete in leaderboards to gain awesome rewards like gems and power ups.
You climb the leaderboard as you win battles and gain trophies. But be careful, if you lose a battle, you will also lose trophies.


Shoota Royale is an African themed Afro-Futuristic rogue-like competitive 2D shooter platformer game.

It is filled with beautiful handcrafted art: characters, level design and VFX.

It is very easy to learn, yet challenging.

Easy controls with auto shooting gameplay.

Legendary battles against many unique characters. All enemies have different abilities and intelligence; making the gameplay challenging, unpredictable and interesting.

Fast shooting bullets on screen with high performance.

Satisfying kills and game feedback.

In-game abilities to acquire like: time slower, auto health regeneration, shield, fireball shots, bouncy shots, giant and so much more.

So what are you waiting for? 
Go out there and GET LIT !!!


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