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ISSF and Olympic Finals 10 Metre and 50 Metre Training for shooters.

It enables you to train specifically for ISSF / Olympic style 10 Metre and 50 Metre Finals, re-creating the exact format including all of the necessary Audio prompts.

All commands are "Spoken" to you, and also displayed as text on screen.

Just click "START" and you are taking part in your own Final.

The Final can be "PAUSED" at any time.

Each of the stages are clearly displayed on screen, so that you don't lose track of where you are in the Final.

The application will work with both manual and automatic targets (by allowing you to set the delay of the target changing)

Shooting Final lets you concentrate on improving your performance, without the worry of timing your finals.

Should the rules for finals change, the application will be updated to take care of it.

Features include:

* Audio prompts played for each stage of the Finals
* Turn Equipment Setup on/off
* Turn Preparation and Sighting time on/off
* Turn Presentation of Finalists on/off
* Turn Target changing prompts on/off
* Adjust Target changing time to suit the equipment you use.
* Manually move onto the next shot if you do not want to wait the full number of Seconds.
* Select distracting sounds (None, Shots, Clapping, Random)

All settings are automatically stored for your next Finals.

"One of the best tools in shooting.. - If you only download one app in your life, download this gem.. Everything you need to train in proper match conditions.." I Morris

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