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SIB Mirror!

Get access to all SIB related information through a single app. Download the SIB Mirror application to your smart phone, explore and enlighten yourself with the latest Interest/FOREX rates, Product features and much more. App gives you the comfort of applying for Loan/FD/RD account in a single click. Register your details and get personalized product promotions.

Start using the app

- Install the application from app store.
- Explore the Digital Information bank and feel the uniqueness of our innovations Features;
- Shake to know your balance. (Refer Menu My Account for details)
- Gesture Support- Acts as a shortcut to different menus; Draw the symbol (given in the gesture list) for opening the respective menu;
- Click to Share – Helps to share customer’s account details via Bluetooth, social media, etc
- Accessible to both Customers and Non-Customers
- Attractive User Interface
- Self explanatory icons which makes it user-friendly


- Calculators- For calculating Loan EMI/RD/FD/Compounded FD and for requesting Loan/RD/FD
- FOREX rates – For viewing the Current FOREX rates
- SIB Locator- For locating the nearest SIB Branch/ATM; New option to search State wise & City wise.Augmented Reality view of nearest Branches and ATM's.

- My Account (For SIB Customers only)- SHAKE your phone to access all your account details.

Sub menus:-

E-Statement: Can view the transaction details of all accounts linked to the registered mobile number;

Open Account: Can open new accounts, loans etc.

Additional features:

- Need to register for “My Account” through SIB Mirror;
- Have to set a “Pattern lock” for further login to “My Account”;
- Shake to know the balance- Displays current balance
- Shake to get last one month’s transaction
- Click to Share- Helps to share customer’s basic details (A/c no., IFSC, Name, Bank name) with friends/family via Bluetooth, social media, etc
- Locker Availabilty
- IMPS Transaction Status
- e-Lock (Now you can enable/disable all ATM/Debit Card, Internet and Mobile Banking debit transactions using SIB Mirror).
- Aadhaar Update.
- Deposits Rates- For viewing the Current Interest rates for various deposits

- Contact us- Emergency contact numbers and email ids with easy dial option for product/ customer/ technical support

- About Us- Glimpse of South Indian Bank and the Frequently Asked questions on different products

- What’s New- Updates about new products and services

- Settings- For editing the user profile and updating the latest information

- Home- For going back to the home screen from any of the sub screens.

This is an official mobile application from South Indian Bank.

Visit us at for more details.

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