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Signal Alert

发行商: Leland Roys
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A background running, multitasking enabled app, that alerts you to loss of cell / wifi service!

New! Now supports EMAIL of the full data logging of loss of cell service. A full color map showing pins where each location of no cell service occurred. You can now email yourself (or anyone) a complete log sorted by date (with Carrier name) of the long/lat data and time of cell service lost.

Need to know when you lose cell phone reception? Even if your phone is in your pocket or briefcase? This is the app!

Worried about the reception issues you have read about? This app is always watching for loss of reception, even when you are not looking, and will alert you if it happens. A must for people who cannot afford to miss calls! Nurses, Doctors, Police, Firefighters, Moms and Dads: Never miss that important call again because you are in a dead spot with no cell service.

Note: Known limitation: If you are connected to a known WiFi network, this app cannot detect the loss of 3G/4G/LTE while connected to WiFi, I am actively working on a solution to this. For a workaround, turn off WiFi if you absolutely need to know when the cellular signal drops out at all times.

Don't ever miss an important call or SMS text message again, unaware that you have no cell service. Have Cell Guardian monitor for you - from the background!

** New! Mute toggle for Wifi alerts and Battery Alerts per your feedback! thank you!

** New! Now with AUDIBLE Low Battery Alerts. Warns you from the background with a pop up alert, plus sound, that your battery is below 50% and then below 30% and down to 5%: This is something the iPhone does not have built in, remember the older phones that would beep to warn you of low battery? now you can have that great feature back!**

**No surprise bills in the mail!**

Lots of download apps for music and video can seamlessly go from your home Wi-Fi to a LTE network without a hiccup, thats great, but not so great if you have a capped data plan and have to pay for that LTE time! Let this app warn you when you leave Wi-Fi for LTE every-time.

You can easily test this app by turning Airplane mode on and off while the app is running, or by turning Wi-Fi on and off. You will see the pop up alerts.

Another fun way to test this: If you use Wi-Fi at home, walk around your block and see how far you can get before the app beeps to tell you you lost your Wi-Fi connection.

If you are not on iOS 4 or later yet, you can still use our "No Signal" app which runs on all versions of the OS (but does not run in background mode).

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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