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SimpleSSH - SSH Commands, File Viewer & Terminal

发行商: Benedikt Hirmer
价格: 1.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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SimpleSSH is a powerful tool tailored for your needs when working with SSH servers on your iPhone and iPad.

When you’re on the go, most often you don’t want to work a lot in the shell. You simply want to execute a command or view a log file to see what’s going on. SimpleSSH makes SSH easy and comfortable by tailoring it for your needs.

⁃ Simple and intuitive User Interface

⁃ Commands
Execute commands with a single tap
Manage commands with groups
View and Export colored command results
Get more commands from the Script Library
⁃ Terminal
        Primitive terminal to test your commands
Colored Shell output
View and Export Shell Log
Tab, Ctrl and Arrow Up/Down, Left and Right keys
⁃ File Viewer
Browse files and folders easily
View and export text files on the SSH server

⁃ Bright and Dark User Interface
⁃ Authentication via private key or password
⁃ Private key import through iTunes or other apps

⁃ No ads, banners or in app purchases - you get everything for the price you pay!

Do you want to see a new feature in SimpleSSH? Contact us within the app, tweet @simpleSSH or send us an email to
We’re happy to take SimpleSSH on the next level with you!


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