Singing Lessons - Becoming a Singing Master

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The Singing Lessons app!

Learn the tips on how to sing better and improve your voice.

Learn the techniques of multiple styles can only make you a better singer.

List of videos:

How to Warm Up Your Voice
How to Sing in Tune
How to Find Your Vocal Range
How to Improve Vocal Range
How to Find Your Optimum Pitch
How to Sing Using Your Chest Voice
How to Sing Long Phrases
How to Sing Harmony
R&B Singing Techniques
How to Breath While Singing
Voice Practice Basics
How to Learn to Sing Better
Pitch Control Tips
How to Take Care of Your Voice
How to Sing Mezzo Soprano
How to Sing Alto
How to Get a Breathy Singing Voice
How to Sing Open Tones
How to Sing a High Note
Tips for Singing on Stage
Proper Singing Posture
How To Sing Vibrato
How To Rap
Mixed Voice Singing
How to Sing Without Straining Your Voice
How to Heal a Hoarse Voice
How to Sing from Your Diaphragm

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