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Sinhala Keyboard (Mobile)

发行商: Rajeev Prasad
价格: 免费


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Sinhala yathuru puwaruwa - Sinhala Keyboard

`Sinhala yathuru puwaruwa` is an integrated Sinhala Keyboard for iOS devices with iOS version 11 or above.
This app will bring you two of the best Sinhala typing layouts currently available in the AppStore.

The app will directly integrate these layouts into your iOS system and all the layouts will be available within the iOS default keyboard.

Main features

Enhanced Wijesekara layout
Wijesekara layout in Sinhala keyboard is an enhanced & highly optimized version of the traditional Wijesekara layout. We have focused on designing a `user-friendly` and `easier to use` Wijesekara layout and this enhanced layout will maximize & simplify your Sinhala typing experience with much less typing errors in a relatively smaller mobile screen.
‣ type `pilla` twice to get the longer `pilla` (no need to use the shift button to move to shifted layout)
‣ long press for `Murdhaja` letter

Enhanced Singlish layout
Singlish is a transliteration layout for people who like to type in Sinhala letters with equivalent English letter sounds. This is the most popular layout in our keyboard with a superior Sinhala typing experience. This layout is much easier and faster to use and anyone can type without any prior experience.
We have optimized and enhanced the performance of this layout with a completely re-designed Unicode rendering and powerful text building engine included within the keyboard.
‣ ability to type normal socially accepted phonetic sounds without memorizing new & complicated key combinations. 
- eg1. ng, nd etc for `Sagngnaka Letters`
- quick quiz: can you read this `gnaanapaala` yes, that is how you write it on this keyboard
‣ phonetic letter suggestion for faster typing [!eg!]
‣ letter + H for `Murdhaja` letters [!eg!]

Sinhala word suggestions
Suggest complete Sinhala word when typing first few letters

English, Emoji & Symbol layouts
Fully features layouts for English, Emoji & Symbols

Special features
‣ 3D touch cursor movements (force touch and drag to change cursor position)
‣ long-press cursor movements (for devices without pressure-sensitive touch screens)
‣ smart Unicode rendering (insert valid full Unicode characters without dangling vowel symbols)
‣ double-tap on spacebar for period (dot) symbol
‣ double tap on `pilla` symbol to get `longer pills` (e.g. double tap on Papilla to get Longer Papilla)

Related features
‣ Sinhala speech to text via Satahan app (premium feature) (Install Sinhala Satahan app)
- unfortunately, we cannot integrate this module with the keyboard, due to Apple's restriction on microphone usage within the keyboard layouts.

****How to install Sinhala Keyboard******
you can refer `Setiings->Activation` withing the app for more details

Step 1:
• Tap on `Setup Sinhala Keyboard` option in application main screen
- this will open application settings page (in iOS settings app)

Step 2:
• Select the `Keyboards` option from the list

• Enable 'Sinhala' switch (Written in Sinhala letters)
- Enable 'Allow Full Access' switch (required for Sinhala word suggestion feature)

Step 4:
• Go back to the app(or any other app) and select a Textfield.
• Use `Globe` icon (press & hold) to switch to Sinhala Keyboard
• Start typing.

Recommended iOS versions - iOS v11.0 or higher.
Please visit our facebook page for more details and don't forget to like our page.
This application will not collect any kind of information from the users of the app or keyboard.


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