Six Pack - 30 Day Ab Challenge

发行商: Alex Gibson
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Do you want your six pack to be clearly visible when you take your shirt off?

The 30 Day Ab Challenge is a simple 30 day exercise plan proven to burn stomach fat and sculpt abs. Each day you have a different ab workout. The workout has step-by-step video guidance, so all you have to do is tap play and follow along. As you progress, the challenge slowly increases in intensity and day 30 will test anyone!

[+] Professionally designed program to maximize fat loss and develop ab muscles.
[+] 23 of THE BEST ab workouts with complete video guidance. (~10 minutes each).
[+] 7 built in rest days for maximum recovery.
[+] Simple interface to keep track of progress.
[+] Share the workouts with your friends via Facebook or text.
[+] Follow along on your TV with Apple TV.

It's only ~10 minutes a day! Next time you are at a pool, beach or casually hanging out with your shirt off, you will wish you started this challenge.

Please seek medical advice prior to commencement.

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