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Sizzling Pubs.

发行商: Mitchells & Butlers Leisure Retail Ltd
价格: 免费
兼容性: iPhone


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Introducing the Sizzling app. The must-have app that rewards you the more you visit one of our great pubs. Whether you fancy one of our famous Sizzling skillet dishes fresh from the grill or one of our all-time classic pub favourites with an ice cold pint, we’re the perfect place to spend time together with family and friends. Download and register now to start earning rewards and check out your latest exclusive offers.

The Sizzling app features:
- A welcome offer for you to enjoy when you download and register
- The ability to set up a bar tab and pay quickly through the app
- Earn stamps whenever you visit and pay to unlock your Sizzling Rewards
- Enjoy a birthday treat on us
- Get exclusive offers and rewards, delivered straight to your phone.
- Book your table through the app, stress-free
- Easily search for your local pub
- Check out our latest food and drink menus


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166 条评价

Not fit for purpose. Unless I’ve missed something...

So I’ve set it up, because I’m going to the local today. Only purpose is so I can order from table. No obvious way of doing that I can see. So the company has a load of data which I wants to use to bombard me with promotions, and for its own purposes. And that’s all. Seriously think the digital marketing industry is just a brain dead parasite , sucking the life out of the economy. Producing stuff that looks great in Zoom meetings but is no benefit to companies or customers.


Robbing app!

I was told to order through the app and was told my purchase wasn’t successful and that the order hadn’t gone through so I should order again. I did so (which said it was successful) but then ended up with double the food (only one drink!). £15 robbed!


Worst ordering app ever

Very hard to order. Why is there not just a order button. Took way to long. Ended up just getting a menu. Very annoying


Difficult to use for the first time.

Look at the Wetherspoon’s app to see how it should be done, no Apple Pay, not comfortable giving credit card details to an app. So ended up not using it.


Waste of time

Worked well until halfway through and the app forgot the food order and basket disappeared, so ended up going the bar to order food and drinks


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