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Sky Guru+ Fear of flying help

发行商: SkyGuru
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Dear users. This is the previous version of the sky guru app.
Many users are used to it and would like to continue using it.
Like everything in life, this version has its pros and cons, choose which version you like best.

Advantages: This version defines the beginning of towing and taxiing, as well as the approach and activity of the runway.
This version also shows the roll and pitch of the aircraft in flight, relative to zero position, in which the user has performed the calibration.
This older version also has Hebrew and French languages option .

Disadvantages: For correct operation, the mobile device must be positioned level and not moved during the entire flight.
All functions of the application (e.g., map) work as long as the application is open, resulting in increased battery consumption.
of your mobile device.

In the new version we have changed the format a bit and all communication with the app is done with your commands. This does not require a level
Positioning of the device and allows you to get only the information that is currently of interest to you. We still recommend the new version, with a white logotype.

All your purchased flights are available in both versions. Enjoy your flight with SkyGuru! If you have purchased an unlimited version before - please write to support team.


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