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SkyView - Star Walk Map Guide

发行商: Bilal Mirza
价格: 6.99 USD 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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Night Sky View is a magical app that enables you to identify the stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and even satellites you can see above. All you have to do is point out the star at the night sky and Star Chart will tell you exactly what you are looking at. Even if your view is obscured by clouds or daylight, The Sky Star Finder app will know which stars, planets, galaxies, constellations, and satellites are hiding from your view. You have to use this app to realize just how amazing it is.

How To Play:
- First of all, Choose the mode i.e VR mode or touch mode from settings to find detailed information about planets.
- In touch mode, just point out the star and hold on for a second to get detailed information about the planet.
- The procedure is the same in VR mode to recognize the constellations for any time of night, any day of the year.

- Identify hundreds of objects in the night sky.
- Amaze anyone you show it to, works just like magic.
- HD graphics, awesome music and sound effects
- Easy to use and intuitive controls.
- Detailed information about the planets you will visit
- Ideal educational introduction for kids
- Fly through the solar system in free flight mode.

Night Sky is a Solar System Explorer app that includes a great deal of information about the planetary system. Detailing cloud cover, temperature, wind speeds, and visibility, categorized into simple icons informing you of whether stargazing conditions are good, fair, or poor.

A fully searchable in depth pack of data about thousands of objects in the Sky Star Finder. Completely redesigned and packed full of new content, prepare to be blown away with fascinating facts about our universe.

Including accurate weekly live data on moon phases, sunrise and sunset times, daylight duration, and sun elevation ensuring users are both fully equipped and well-informed in their stargazing.

Night Sky Map is a perfect educational tool for astronomy stargazing for students and space enthusiasts of all ages. It can be used by teachers of science during the lesson, by students for preparing projects, by parents to introduce their children to the basics of astronomy and by anyone interested in space and sky.

It's your interactive sky guide to the constellation, planet, and star sky maps.


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