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A slow and steady breathing frequency is the key to find sleep. Scientific studies show that the normal frequency for an adult is between 12-18 breathings per minute when resting. To relax and find sleep the best breathing rate is between 11 and 14. Two seconds inhaling and three seconds exhaling is the optimum for most people. Our app uses the iPhone/iPad display to project a smooth, pulsing light at your ceiling. The light is pulsing at your optimal breathing frequency so you can easily adjust your breathing rate. Most people find to sleep after a few minutes using this breathing technic. Trained people only need about 60 seconds to find sleep. We use a sunset like color for the pulsing light which additionally supports your brain to find sleep.

The app has an adjustable timer, let's you setup different breathing rates for women and men and let's you change the color (although we suggest to stay with sunset lightning). The iPhone and iPad display is bright enough to easily be recognized in a darkened room. We suggest to position your iPhone/iPad so that you can not directly see the screen and only recognize the reflected light.

Use scientifically proven breathing frequency approach, value your time and easily fall asleep.

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