Smack the Table

发行商: Jan Fredslund
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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What is 'Smack the Table'?
The game is inspired by an old German game where you would hit nails into a tree stump or a wooden plank with a hammer. In 'Smack the Table', however, we don’t use hammers or nails – we smack the table with our hands. You can be between 2 and 5 players.

How does it work?
Place a smartphone or tablet on a table or a flat surface in between you. 'Smack the Table' works by detecting jolts/vibrations in the surface so that every time you hit your hand onto the table next to the device, it is detected as a hit. The moving shadow in the bottom of the screen indicates where the hit will land, and the closer the center of the shadow is to the middle of the nail (and the harder you hit the table), the longer into the table the nail will go.

Game Rules
- The first nail completely smashed into the plank has LOST the game!
- The second nail hit into the plank is the winner
- You are allowed to hit all nails on the screen – including your own
- You are only to smack the table when it is your turn!

Good to know
Most surfaces will work, but there may be a few cases where the material is too inflexible for the game to detect vibrations. Also note that the app will not work well if you are in motion, for instance during transport.

Remember not to move your smartphone or tablet while playing; keep it in the same spot during the entire game. Also, beware of jolts or movements in the vicinity of the table while you are playing.

Be careful while playing, and be mindful of your device, the furniture and your hands. When you smack onto a hard surface with your bare hands, you may potentially hurt yourself if not being careful. The game values precision higher than power, so try to relax your hard-hitting muscles and focus on aiming!

The developers of this app will not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any damages or injuries occurring in connection with using and playing 'Smack the Table'. The players using the app are the only ones to be held accountable for accidents that may occur.

'Smack the Table' is developed by:
Jan Fredslund, game concept and app developing
Jakob Poulsen, game concept and graphic design
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out at

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