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Smart Search & Web Browser

发行商: Reactive Phone Ltd.
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买
兼容性: iPhone


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Smart Search is a fast and easy app for surfing Web focused on better search experience. 

Save your time using fast switching between search sources and you will find needed information fast and more effective.

More than 10 million users, 5 stars rating on the App Store.
It just works as you expect!

Smart Search app is much more convenient than other browsers like Opera, Firefox or Chrome.

Download this app, place the icon on the main screen of your iPhone and you will never regret about it!


"This is now my favorite app for searching the Web. Very fast, easy to use and intuitive. Not a lot of clutter, easy to read and does exactly what I need it for!"

"I use it heavily every day and there is nothing comparable out there!"

"All I can say is wow! Really love this better then any of the other browsers. Very easy on the eyes."

"Outstanding supersedes many apps. Keep up the good work."

"Compared to other browsers, this one is easy to navigate and is designed much better for viewing webpages on your phone. It's much faster than Safari and doesn't crash at all"

+ Rapid launch
+ Rich-featured search box and the ability to search in many services (Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Images, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Translate, Wikipedia)
+ Color design themes and gallery of backgrounds
+ Advanced features for effective browsing and sharing content
+ Powerful ad blocking and data saving
+ Built-in voice input and QR code scanner
+ Personalized news feed

1. One-touch access to search and favourites
2. Autocomplete queries while typing
3. Fast switching search services using swipe
4. Built-in collection of popular websites includes news, sports and social networks.
5. Easy managing of bookmarks list
6. Fullscreen mode
7. Visual history and tabs navigation
8. Integrated readability function for transforming large articles into convenient view for reading
9. Wide range of options for customisation
10. Interactive page with various widgets:
Inspiring Quotes, Search Trends, App of The Week and others

If you faced a bug, please contact us directly from the app or just write details to email:

If you like the app, please post a review on the App Store and share link to the app with your friends.

Enjoy browsing Web with Smart Search!


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5549 条评价


Thanks, great app. 👌🏼


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Smart Search

Great App



Love this app so much did very well can lookup thing keep up the good work I appreciate it


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