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Smart Tools Pro - SmartTools

发行商: Antony Mathew
价格: 2.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone


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Smart Tools Pro is a complete package of 16 tools that can ease your day to day life. It includes measuring tools, monitoring tools, and activity tools.
In a word, All-in-One !!!

List of some key tools
* Ruler - Measure the length, breadth or height of an object using your iPhone screen
* Protractor - Measure the angle of an object using your iPhone screen
* Slope - Measure the slope of a tower or tree using your iPhone camera - Augmented reality powered
* Distance - Measure the distance to a point using your iPhone camera - Augmented reality powered
* Height - Measure the height of a tower or building using your iPhone camera - Augmented reality powered
* Magnifier - You can use your iPhone as magnifier with flash and save magnified images
* GPS - You can view all GPS related data of your location like latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and timestamp
* Audio - You can monitor the audio power or noise level of your area using this tool
* Vibration - You can monitor the vibration of an object using your iPhone
* Magnetic Flux - Monitor the magnetic field of your area
* Stop Watch - A stopwatch with millisecond of accuracy
* Level - You can use your iPhone as a spirit level
* Timer - A useful timer with audio feedbacks
* Flashlight - A useful flashlight that can configurable
* QR-Code - A simple QR code reader from which you can copy the read data
* Compass

Smart Tools Pro can make your life easy and fast. A smart toolbox is ready in your pocket!!!

Other app features
* Off-line support: You can open it without internet.
* iOS 11 compatible
* Two stylish color themes
* Easy to use with on-screen information


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