Smarter Mail

发行商: Kyler Mobile
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兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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This email client app will offer you a simple but efficient UI and make you more productive when reading, replying, and find the emails. Currently, it only supports Gmail, but the support to other email account types will be added soon. The key features:

* Simple and efficient navigation for all your emailing activity.
* Categorized view of your recent emails to help you find a particular email quickly, at the mean time, you will get to know who is the top sender to you and how many emails you received from that particular sender.
* Accessing your unread emails right at the Home screen of the app.
* All the emails are grouped by receiving date for viewing.
* All the recent emails in your account is grouped by "received" and "sent" to avoid complexity of dealing too many email account folder.
* Automatically refreshing when you are in the app, but will stop checking emails when the app is in background, in order to save the battery. Also support "pull to refresh" to check new emails right away.
* Your sensitive email password will be stored to keychain in the iOS device to get full protection.
* You can view different types of attachments: images, docs, pdfs and many more.
* You can attach photos when you composing new email or replying emails.

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