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短信策划师 - 计划和发送你的工作短信

发行商: Alessandro de Sanctis
价格: 8.99 USD
兼容性: iPhone & iPad


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SmsPlanner is dedicated to professionals who work with customers by appointment.

Are you a doctor, lawyer, or do you offer services of various kinds?
Do you want to remember appointments or the various deadlines to your customers?

SmsPlanner is for you !!!

With SmsPlanner you can schedule appointments and deadlines of your customers and then send your personalized SMS, email and WhatsApp, to remind individual appointments.

To work properly WhatsApp, you must enter the international prefix of cellular numbers in your contacts (eg "+44" for United Kingdom numbers).

You can send a SINGLE message for appointment, or a single message with the SUMMARY of the appointments of a given period.
It is also possible to send SPECIAL messages (greetings, announcements, communications, etc ...).

SmsPlanner can send the appointments to calendars on your iPhone and can synchronize with calendars configured on your Google account.

SmsPlanner allows you to specify days and hours for each appointment, but if you get your customers in multiple locations, you can also specify the single address (street and city).
In addition, you can print the weekly calendar of appointments.

For suggestions, requests and comments, please write to:

NOTE: sending of SMS is done from your iPhone, then the cost of the messages will be charged according to the tariff plan subscribed by your telephone company.


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